Nice to meet you, I'm Shannon


Nice to meet you, I'm Shannon

I am a lifestyle/artistic photographer. My main goal is to capture those sweet candid moments and to make the posed ones look natural. I work with families, couples, and small events.

Fun and Drama

You're watching your favorite rom com, the main girl is walking in a park. It's Autumn, leaves are falling, you can just feel the crispness in the air. Music is playing in the background (how DO they always find the perfect songs??), she's remembering her first date with her now husband. Images are flashing, them holding hands, walking together, their first picnic, their wedding, their children. Have you ever sat there watching and wished you could have moments like that captured to look back on and feel like you were in the movie? If that sounds like you, contact me and let's make it happen!

Two decades of professional photography experience

Every day I continue to explore different creative ways to capture your memories.